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Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) -  Grand Junction Chapter

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Date: _______________

Name(s): ___________________________      ________________________________

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  • ‡   I want to become a member or am a renewing member of the GJ chapter of CAS. (Check this box or box to the right.)

Enclosed are dues for the Colorado Archaeological Society and the Grand Junction Chapter.

___ Individual $32.00*

___ Family $40.00* (Two or more members/same      


___ Student $16.00*

  • ‡   I am a member of another CAS chapter and have paid state CAS and chapter dues there.

Chapter Name: ________________________________________

Enclosed are dues for the Grand Junction Chapter.

___ Individual $16.00

___ Family $20.00 (Two or more members/same


___ Student $8.00


Make checks payable to “Grand Junction Chapter CAS”. Mail to P.O. Box 4853, Grand Junction, CO 81502

Dues are paid for one year and renewable on the anniversary.

I would like to make an additional tax deductible donation to CAS-GJ $ _____________. CAS is a 501c3.

*Annual payment includes state and local chapter dues. Members will receive the Colorado Archaeological Society publications: “Southwestern Lore quarterly journal (paper version) and “The Surveyor newsletter (email version).

Code of Ethics

  • Uphold local, State and Federal antiquities laws.
  • Conduct field and/or laboratory activities using professionally accepted standards.
  • Support only scientifically and legally conducted archaeological activities.
  • Members will not condone the sale, exchange or purchase of artifacts obtained from illegal activities.
  • Respect the property rights of landowners.
  • Report vandalism to appropriate authorities.
  • Be sensitive to the cultural histories and spiritual practices of groups that are the subject of archaeological investigation.

 My signature below certifies my understanding and agreement of the above Code of Ethics.

Signature:  __________________________________                   Date: __________________

Signature:  __________________________________                   Date: __________________


Join and pay dues online at or with this form. Then visit our calendar/website. Register there to be able to RSVP for field trips, meetings and get full activity information at

----- Turn over – More on the back -----

If you have not completed this questionnaire previously please do so now. We want to know more about your interest in archaeology. Return form to Membership chair or any board member.

Name __________________________ Email ______________________________Phone ________________

What is your level of archaeology experience?

____ Amateur (rank beginner)  ____ Avocational (have at least a few field trips &/or training under my soles)

____  Professional  Years ___   Employer(s) _______________________________________________________

Tell a little about your archaeology interest &/or experience _______________________________________


I can help our local chapter by (check as many as may apply): 

____ Being a member  ____ Organizing a field trip ____  Volunteering for a committee   _____________  Other

____ Giving a talk on topics such as: _______________  ___________________   ________________________

What are you most interested in doing as a member of CAS-GJ (check all that apply):    ____ Attend lectures

____ Participate in field trips:    ____ 2-4 hours total time   ____ ½-full day   ____ overnight field trips

____ Organize a field trip     ____ Train and serve as a site steward   ____ Take classes to further my knowledge

What is your preference to attend field trips?  ____ Weekday   ____  Weekend  ____   Evening    ____ It varies

Please share your ideas for local/ regional field trip locations &/or formats you might like to participate in:

_______________________________  _____________________________  ____________________________

If you have been on field trips previously that CAS-GJ might want to do, please suggest those:

________________________________  ______________________________  __________________________

What archaeology lecture topics or workshops would you like to have at our monthly meetings or other CAS-GJ gatherings?

_______________________________  ________________________________  _________________________

Please share any skills, training, expertise or interests you have not already described that may be relevant to your membership in CAS-GJ:  __________________________________________________________________________________________ 


May one of our board members call &/or email you to ask more about your interest in being actively involved in CAS-GJ?   

____  Of course   ____  I would rather you not   ____ I’ll let you know when I’m ready

Share  any comments, questions or suggestions about CAS-GJ, your interests, etc  and feel welcome to talk with any of our Board Members at any time:  ______________________________________________________________________________ 


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